How I Got To Know Maggie

I’ve known little Maggie for over 4 years now! Can you believe that? This little dog has been part of my life for almost half of a decade. I’ve known her longer than I was in college. She’s lived with me longer than I lived in any house except the geodesic dome in Aitkin, MN!

Maggie came to live with me in March, 2003 from the Morris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia. She was a little nervous about things at first, but settled in pretty quickly.



Little Dog Snark

Very quickly, she became the queen of the goofy face. What follows is a photo essay of some of my favorite Maggie photos – all of them making her look silly or goofy or otherwise undignified. It’s times like this when I’m glad that she can’t read and doesn’t have opposable thumbs. Because if she had either the skill or the anatomy, I’m quite confident that she’d kick my butt for posting these. That said, this series of photos shows the extremes of her personality. Most of the time she’s pretty cute, curled up and sleeping on her pile of dog beds in the living room or snuggling under the covers keeping me awake at night. But sometimes – well, take a look….

Maggie as college frat-boy:





Maggie as bitter teen:



Go away. My zits – they’re hideous!




F#$% you.

Maggie eating what she ought not:

Grass in my teeth - ARGH!



Must. Not. Eat. Tasty. Grass. Yuck. Eat. Yum.


Maggie with bones:

Thanks Swat Library Folks!

What bone? I don’t have a bone.

MY bone

My bone.

Strewing death and destrution:

She really is hilarious, and I’m so glad that I bought that house in Philadelphia so that I could find her at the shelter and bring her to her new home with me. And then I brought Amy home, and she loved that. When Amy and I brought Otter home she wasn’t as happy, but that’s a different story for a different NaBloPoMo Tuesday…

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  1. Awww, I love Maggie. Her middle name is Jane, isn’t it? I remember when you adopted her. Morris is where I got my first cat, Cali. Great post!!! BTW, I always have a devil of a time typing in these comment security words/codes correctly but this one should be easy because it’s knitter. Funny, huh?!

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