Happy NaBloPoMo!

And today it begins… year three of NaBloPoMo!

Last night was a bust in terms of trick-or-treaters. We only got 10 kids, and that makes me sad. The dogs enjoyed being locked in the bedroom with Kongs stuffed full of treats, though, so I suppose we could up the count to 12.

We have a very social week ahead of us. This weekend our friend Tammy is staying with us while she’s at a retreat in Marlboro. Then friend Chanda is coming to the area all next week since she’s got a week off from her hockey residency in Minnesota. Mike from Oregon is flying in on election day for 3 days to go to a conference in Cambridge, and LJF is spending next weekend in town after finishing her grad school comps. On top of all this are 3 hockey games, election day and the aftermath, 3 classes I need to teach, and a generally long week at work after being out for this conference for the past 4 days. I think I need a break from next week before it even happens…

Okay, off to clean this disaster of a house before Tammy rolls in later this afternoon.

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