Eris to the Rescue

Two weeks in and I’m in pretty deep like with my Droid Eris.

Unlike on my iPod Touch, I haven’t downloaded any games yet. But unlike my iPod Touch, I’ve got all-the-time internet access plus GPS capabilities, and oh what a difference that makes!

Case in point: today we had to take 2 cars in to the city (6 adults do not fit in either a CR-V or an Outback, so 2 cars it was). First we needed driving directions. Google Maps – there’s an app for that, and it plots your location on the map while you drive. As soon as the Eris operating system gets upgraded past Android 1.5, we should be able to get turn-by-turn driving directions as well. Then we ended up getting out of the orchestra earlier than we thought we would, so we got updated driving directions to my folks’ hotel and sent Amy and her folks to our restaurant. While my folks were checking in to their hotel, Amy called and asked me to find them a bar by the restaurant that was open. I opened up the Places Directory and found a bunch of things, all of which appeared to be closed. Alas. Fortunately, they found a place. Phew! Then I needed to text Amy to let her know that her car had a dead battery and that we were waiting for AAA. When she called me back, she told me the magical secret to de-deading the dead battery. Yay Amy! If she were an app, she’d be number one on the popularity list, I’m sure of it! Then we got good driving directions to the restaurant, were able to get Amy and her mom headed home in the right direction, and were able to send me and my father-in-law back home incredibly efficiently.

Yeah, yeah, I know this is all pretty standard fare for your average smartphone (or GPS, for that matter), and probably not all that exciting to most folks who have one. If a couple of my favorite iPod Touch apps would get ported over to Android (I’m looking at you, LoseIt, Sportacular, iBird Explorer, Dropbox, and Stanza) and if I ever took the time to figure out how to get music onto the Eric, I’d be off the iPod Touch for good. But yeah, I’m pretty happy thus far.

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  1. “If she were an app, she?d be number one on the popularity list, I?m sure of it!”

    I think you just came up with Hallmark’s new Valentine’s Day sentiment. Or, if nothing else, something for

    Thanks for sharing your BFF-feelings for the new phone. I’m definitely leaning towards it the more I hear from friends.

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