Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival – Part 1

This weekend the 11th annual Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival hit town. Last year I saw a couple of movies, but this year, Amy and I decided to splurge and see 5 films.

Saturday we joined friends Erin and Moya for Dyke Life – Shorts, a series of short films. Getting to Know You, Prom-toversy, and PRIIDE: People Really Interested in Dating Etiquette were my three favorites. Harigata, while it looked amusing on paper, was really weird, long, and, frankly, boring. Some Real Fangs was a rather cute vampire flick, although the dance numbers were strange. As soon as it finished, I leaned over to the people I was with and said, “That film felt Canadian.” Sure enough, it was!

Today we saw The D Word, a spoof on Showtime’s flick The L Word, as well as the short Straight Hike for the Butch Dyke. SH was cute – set in Wellington, New Zealand, four straight girly-girls try to soften up Libby, a soccer-playing, buzz-cut-sporting, rainbow-flag-displaying lesbian, with amusing results (one of the Femme 4 ends up being her date for the night, and the other three girls, while surprised, are delightfully supportive.) The D Word skewered the most annoying parts of The L Word with utter glee and abandon. Dot (or Bette) is a dominating, overbearing jerk. Drea (or Shane) is a sleazebag galore who has women alternately throwing themselves at her feet and throwing bags filled with dog waste at her head. But by far the best character was Dani (or Jenny), who I’d rather like to see REPLACE Jenny on the L Word. The actress who played her really deserves a role in the Showtime production, and then they can write out Jenny. Maybe Dani could be her long-lost twin sister who’s been living a parallel life in New York City……

Next weekend we’re going to see Say Uncle, Adam & Steve, and Chicken Tikka Masala. Should be fun!

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  1. oh dear — i wish i could’ve been there at this festival. my son nate lives in philly, and a couple of years ago my niece’s partner had a film entered that nate saw after they emailed him it was showing. it was right after he moved to philly and it was so weird/coincidental that he was able to catch it. i’m just rambling. but this entry makes me miss nate!

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