Yay Keen!

Keen CalistogaA few months ago, one of my Keen Calistoga shoes developed a bit of a leak under the big toe. These were my favorite shoes ever. I wore them nearly every single day for almost a year, so you can imagine that I was sad by the damp turn of events.

As I was out scouring the web for a place to buy a new pair, I decided to visit the Keen website to find out if they had any guarantees for their products. Turns out they do.  My problem, though? I wasn’t 100% sure where I bought them (stores in contention include Zappos, REI, and Kittery Trading Post). As such, I also wasn’t 100% sure of the date I purchased them.

So rather than just sigh and go away from the website, I decided to email them to find out if anyone else was having similar issues. A quick reply from them followed, and after a few more emails and me photographing the damaged part of the shoe sole, the lovely customer service representative offered me a new pair of shoes!

I was thrilled, to say the least. So not only did I get a replacement pair for the ones that were damaged compliments of the company, but I also purchased a second pair (third pair?) in another color.

Way to go Keen! Even if you didn’t have me before (which you did), you’ve got me as a customer for life now.

4 thoughts to “Yay Keen!”

  1. We’re a Keen family, especially since they come in toddler sizes now.

    Sadly last year my daughter peed right into my favorite pair (the Calistoga with the low heel–maybe it has a different name) and I am long overdue in getting some new ones for this year. I doubt they’d replace them for that reason! 🙂

    Enjoy yours. They’re the best!

  2. What I really want is a pair of Keen Berkeleys (just like the Calistoga but with no back to them). I couldn’t find those last year – no one I could find who carried them ships outside the US – so I ended up buying Calistogas instead. I don’t seem to be wearing them a lot, unfortunately, because the brown they came in last year is sort of bright and it’s hard to find things they go with. On the other hand I just spent 2 months in Europe in 2 pair of shoes, and one pair of them were Keens.

    Things are looking up though. There’s a Keen store in our local mall now, and I saw a pair of Berkeleys there the other day. Now if they’d just get them in a color other than blue….

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