Weather and Body

Do you know what happens to my body when the barometric pressure drops quickly? I can’t sleep, my legs ache, and my right ankle throbs. It’s the weirdest darn thing, but I know it’s related to the injuries to my ankle as a high schooler and college student.

I wish I could tell other things about the weather with my body, in cool ways and not the normal ones like sight and sound (okay, and touch when it comes to humidity).

Why yes, in case you were wondering, the barometric pressure HAS dropped quickly tonight and it’s raining like a banshee and the sound of the water pelting overhead isn’t quite as relaxing (as one would imagine) but rather is distracting and keeping me awake.

Any weird things happen to your body when different weather phenomena occur?

2 thoughts to “Weather and Body”

  1. We live in Houston, and it is hot and humid most of the year. When a front comes through, I get blinding sinus headaches. I know its coming long before it rains because of the pain. Not much of a super-power but I sometimes amaze my friends with my ability to whine about it.

  2. the rain was keeping me awake too, hence our taking turns wandering to the couch in the middle of the night

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