Wanna Swap Moo Cards?

AL Moo CardI’ve been swapping my moo cards lately. I’ve gotten some really gorgeous ones, but so far my favorite is the one from American Libraries, the ALA magazine. They were giving them away at the conference in DC last month. I admit I picked up a couple… How silly of them, yet how clever all at the same time!

Others I’ve received are here (third from right in bottom row), here (bottom right), and here (#3 and #6). I’m waiting on a few others from Australia and the UK to show up.

Such a lovely, easy thing to swap with folks – I just LOOOOOVE the moo cards! Let me know if you have moo cards you’d like to swap. Check out my set over at Flickr and comment there if you want to trade.

Moo cards

2 thoughts to “Wanna Swap Moo Cards?”

  1. Okay, I’m way out of the loop on this one…what are Moo cards, exactly, and why are people trading them? Well, I guess I can kind of see what the are on their site, but people are just randomly trading Moo cards like kids traded Pokemon cards?

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