Trusty Steed

A bit over a year ago, when we were in the midst of moving for the nth time, my beloved bicycle – the one I got before heading to grad school in 1994 – managed to jump out of the back of the moving truck. It was very sad, as not only the tire rims but also the bike frame got bent.

So I’ve been without a bike for a year now, which is a really weird thing for me. Last weekend I decided that enough was enough. Amy and I headed to REI for their summer clearance, and I scientifically went through all the bikes, looking for the cheapest commuter bike I could find. (No, I’m not ashamed that basic type and low, low prices were my only two criteria for a bike. I GET that there are people out there who spend multiple mortgage payments on bikes and bike accessories. I’m NOT one of them.)

Fortunately for me, I found a great bike – a Marin Kentfield – that met both of my criteria. After trying out one size, the salesguy put me on a slightly smaller bike, and lo, I found myself with a trusty new steed!

My New Commuter Vehicle

I’ve been biking to work all week. It’s about a 20-25 minute ride each way, and a nice way to ease myself into and out of the workday.

Sam, Heather, Anj – you all have inspired me. If you can all bike through (scary scary scary) Philly traffic I can bike through (mostly sane suburban) Boston-area traffic. Love it!

3 thoughts to “Trusty Steed”

  1. Congrats on your new baby! Really, Philly traffic is no soooooo scary — just learn to use the Philly turn signal while riding your bike (follow me: middle finger to the sky!) and deploy when necessary.

    Don’t forget, now that the days are growing shorter, to invest in a good set of lights, including a front blinker so that cars and peds see you coming. And it goes without saying that a good helmet it your new best friend.

  2. i’m tellin’ ya, bike riding is among the best therapy, especially when you can get to where you’re going without having to yell at any idiot drivers, deal with any flat tires, and generally just pedal.

    i’m off from work today, but i’m going to ride down to 23rd and Locust-ish to meet Mike and then we’re going to ride home together. Awwww.

    the Marin’s a good steed. keep us updated on how the bike-commuting goes (i cannot recommend panniers enough!!!!).

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