To My Love

It is Valentine’s Day, my dear Amy. While I’ve been Ms. Grumpypants lately (we can thank the fritzy furnace for part of that), you somehow managed to find me the perfect Valentine’s gifts: a DVD of The Princess Bride, and a new sled. How on earth did you know that it was going to snow today?

So this is my valentine to you: a digital profession that, my sweet, I love you. In case the big goofy smiles on my face in each and every one of these pictures doesn’t clue you in.

Geocaching on Mt. Tom (Western Massachusetts)

I like to hike with you. You motivate me to actually get outside and get some fresh air once in a while. This photo was taken this summer, near Northampton. We didn’t see any hawks that day, but we did find a particularly difficult geocache.

Otter & Amy

You let me talk you into getting a second dog. We were in no way ready to have a second dog in our lives, but Otter wormed his way into my heart that day when we went out shopping for a post-hole digger, and you loved me enough to go along with my craziness.

Turkey Weekend Toes

You let my mom spoil us last winter with pedicures. It was your first one (you’ve since had a second) and even though you were a little freaked out by it, you were game.

December 2006 Smorgasbord

You let me make you look silly, AMOOSE (Amy + moose). This photo makes me giggle.  A lot.

Megan and Amy - We did it!

You make me happy.  So very happy.  Look at us in our matching eyebrows and matching pearl necklaces and earrings and matching big smiles…

I love you, Ms. Amy.  Happy Valentine’s Day.

8 thoughts to “To My Love”

  1. I’m sorry I am late on this, but it’s never too late to congratulate someone for having love in her life. You look so happy together. Happy Belated Valentine’s, and you give each other big hugs (and those pets too!) and watch out for cars!!!! 🙂

  2. This is late too, but Happy V-day to both of you!

    It’s so wonderful to have so much love in your lives. I’m happy that you both found each other and I wish you the brightest star in the sky each night.

    Maggie and Otter are lucky to have you both as humans.

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