This weekend we ski!

Loon Mountain!We are off for days 2, 3, and 4 of skiing in 2013 this weekend. Day 1 was last Monday, up at Loon Mountain in NH. It was a gorgeous day and there were relatively few people there.

What was awesome was that we parked at the Pemi Base Camp – the lot had maybe 30 cars in it total. We had the dogs with us, and with so few people around, it was really easy to head down there every couple of hours to take them out for a quick walk. (Traveling with dogs due to Maggie’s recent ingestion of something horrid which caused days’ worth of GI issues…)

Tomorrow we drive to southern Maine, and early Sunday we finish driving up to Sugarloaf for what I hope are 3 great days on the slopes. Chipping away at my goals for 2013!


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