The Random Eight

Jessica tagged me for the 8 Random Things meme that’s been going around the library blogs lately. Fun!

  1. I grew up in a geodesic dome. Yup, round like a golf ball. It probably explains why my brother is an architect.
  2. I collect children’s picture books about libraries and librarians. To date, I have about 25. There are many more on my Amazon wishlist, and every time I need a few extra dollars to garner the free shipping from Amazon, I order another one.
  3. My shoe size is 8.5.
  4. The ocean freaks me out. Water that moves = scary. Give this Minnesota born and bred girl a lake any day. (That said, I enjoy kayaking and snorkeling in some calm oceans.)
  5. My favorite cake is confetti angel food cake. With strawberries and whipped cream. But I’ll take a chocolate, carrot, white, yellow, or any other cake as well.
  6. I still have letters that my best friend and I wrote to each other as teenagers (I moved away in the 10th grade). Sometimes I pull them out and read them. She’s still my best friend. And I love that.
  7. I also still have the first couple of things I ever made using a sewing machine: an apron (reversible from red to white with little red flowers) and a stuffed Care Bear (the light green one with a shamrock on its belly).
  8. While I claim to abhor clutter, I’m secretly a bit of a pack rat. I just know how to store things well so it looks like everything is really neat.

If you want to be tagged in this, you are. Feel free to respond in the comments if you’re not a blogger,  or to post in your blog if you have one. You don’t even need to be a library blogger to do this one!

5 thoughts to “The Random Eight”

  1. 1. Born in Illinois
    2. Worked on oil rigs in the gulf of Mexico
    3. Can play the piano, banjo, trumpet, guitar – all badly
    4. Am trying to learn to identify bird calls
    5. Like to see how long I can hold my breath underwater
    6. Pick up worms off of wet pavement and toss them onto grass
    7. Wake up each morning with a miscellaneous song in my head
    8. Like yardwork MUCH better than housework

  2. 1. I was born in the Philippines.
    2. In my early 20s I was a go-go dancer.
    3. Around the same time, I was a drummer in several rock bands.
    4. I’m a Neopets addict. (look–no shameless plug link!)
    5. I was married once before.
    6. I have ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) every 4 weeks for treatment-resistant depression (but I’m actually bipolar).
    7. Though my parents divorced just a few years ago, my dad’s younger brother is still married to my mom’s younger sister. 😆
    8. I collect Star Wars books, comics, and even some of the young readers’ series, but only those that are part of the canon. Heehee.

  3. I am the opposite of your #4. Lakes freak me out, because anything could be living in the gunk at the bottom. I’ll go in, but always think a monster will grab at my ankles or something. I grew up on the coast, though. Bays and oceans are where it’s at!

  4. I had a dream about living in a geodesic dome last night. That was after I read your entry and after I read about one existing in my neighborhood. I was a little freaked out by it — there were bad people trying to get me.

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