TGI’m Dumb

So you know how today was my day o’ driving all over, from my house to Maine to a friend’s house to home to hockey and back home? Seems I got the Maine day wrong – it’s tomorrow. Whew. I took a nap and went down to the Wrentham outlets with my found time. Note to self: don’t go to the Wrentham outlets ever again on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. It’ll take you 25 minutes to go that last mile, and there will be approx. 5 bejillion people shopping.

Nonetheless, I got what I went there to get, plus some. (Cords + sweater from J. Crew, only available at the outlet.)

And you know how our hockey team is only supposed to have 7 skaters tonight? I managed to wrangle up a student to play with us, and think the coach will find one or two more folks. So yay!

NaBloPoMo, you are all about quantity, not quality…