Photo Friday: The Imaginary Photo Edition

Things we saw this weekend that I didn’t take photos of:

  • One really skeptical little 15-month-old, who, when she finally decided you were okay, would bless you with a smile that lit up the room.
  • My niece in all her sparkly, glittery, shiny, 11-year-old glory.
  • The world’s greatest liquor store. What I wouldn’t give to transport THAT to Boston! Fortunately, with us driving back instead of flying, we managed to find 3 cases of beers (mostly in 6-packs) that we can’t find on the East Coast. I’m tickled!
  • Me in my prom dress. Seriously. My folks cleaned out the basement and I was inspired. There is photographic evidence somewhere, but not on my camera.
  • My family and my god-family.

It was a good weekend, but one that wasn’t documented with any sort of photographic record. Oh well.

2 thoughts to “Photo Friday: The Imaginary Photo Edition”

  1. As soon as I saw those words, I knew you had to be talking about Surdyk’s! I have a suddenly deep craving to head to that neighborhood for cheese and Nye’s Polonaise Room.

  2. surdyks is the best place in the world. i once got drunk on sample day and bought like $200 worth of liquor and cheese. please tell me you went into the cheese shop. they have the BEST stuff in there.

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