Photo Freeday: Scenes from Friday in the Living Room

Well, I mostly finished NaBloPoMo! I’m not a 100% finisher, since there were a couple of days I missed. But I think I got 29 posts in this month of 30 days, so that’s really great!

Without further ado, here’s tonight’s living room scene (where Amy and I are sitting and watching the first Harry Potter movie with beer in hand, pizza in the belly, and dogs on the furniture – crazy Friday night, I tell you!)

Afraid I'm going to leave again

Maggie likes this chair, whether my jacket and bag are on it or not. (Sometimes she likes it more when the ARE on it, since she knows I won’t leave without them, and possibly won’t leave without HER.)

My Girl and Her Dog

My girl and her dog. It was a tough day for both of them. Amy because of the forehead wound, Otter because nobody loves him or feeds him or pays any attention whatsoever to him. Or so he might try to convince you if you came to visit.

Car 1; Amy 0

Amy got into a little argument with the new car this afternoon. She thinks the car won, but I think she did, since she didn’t need to get stitches or anything!

The First Casualty of the New Car

Close-up of the nifty split. We decided not to go out tonight in part because, as Amy said, “I’ve got a big white bandage on my forehead!” I offered to color the rest of the butterfly bandages with Sharpie markers, but that didn’t go over so well.

So that’s it. I’m done with another year of NaBloPoMo. Thanks for sticking with me all month long; hope you stick around even though the writing will probably be lighter in the next 11 months.

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