Looking Back at 2012

My accomplished resolutions for 2012 were:

  • Make it to CFNE minimum of 3x/week, no matter how crazy the other parts of my life are.
  • Find my double-unders again
  • Avoid the avoidable injuries, and treat the unavoidable ones
  • Bring mindfulness to my Crossfit practice (some days, the PR is in the attempt, not in the results)
  • Maintain a healthy sense of humor and of the absurd
  • Keep work and life in balance
  • Be more social – go out with friends more often.

I’m most proud of being more social this year. I’m a total homebody, so that resolution was really important for my mental well-being this year. My other huge accomplishment was switching up  my Crossfit training to focus exclusively on Olympic weightlifting. It helped me achieve the mindfulness goal, the showing-up goal, and the avoid/treat the injuries goal. Amazing what that’s done for me. Love it!

Ones I didn’t accomplish included:

  • Eat Paleo 90% of the time and make the 10% non-Paleo REALLY worthwhile. – HA.
  • Snatch 135# (my biggest goal in terms of fitness) – Close, got to #130!
  • Run a 7:30 mile (and run at least 1 road race, either a 5k or 10k) – set aside
  • Row a sub-8:00 2K – set aside
  • Visit my massage therapist 6 times – got there 3 times
  • Continue reading like a fiend (this year I hit 66…) – AWFUL. Only read 30 books this year.
  • Knit a few items and GIVE THEM AWAY – No FOs this year. Whoops!

I think I can see a few areas for continued improvement this coming year!

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