List of Things About This Moment

  • I am IMing with Chanda.
  • My toes are just about warmed up after hockey practice in the world’s second-coldest rink (the UPenn 1923 rink is colder).
  • My hair is still wet from sweat even though practice ended over 90 minutes ago.
  • My hockey gloves make my hands smell horrid. I need to wash them.
  • Otter’s drool spot on the sofa is nearly dry (we forgot to put the dining room chair on the sofa before we left – whoops.)
  • The Blackhawks are beating the Coyotes 2-0 at 15:52 in the second.
  • Amy’s eating a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup (leftover Halloween candy).
  • Maggie is still upstairs, having never come down to greet us when we came in after practice.
  • I am looking for a photo of an eggroll to email to Laura, who wanted one during practice.
  • Success!

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