Life List

I hear lots of people talking about things on their “life list” – places they want to go, things they want to do, experiences they want to have – all before their lives are over. Seems like a reasonable idea – and frankly, I can’t believe I haven’t started one yet. So consider this as my first crack at a life list.

  1. Travel to Morocco.
  2. Travel to Scandinavia.
  3. Go to Japan.
  4. Visit China.
  5. Train the dog so that she doesn’t bark at the mailman.
  6. Let go of crap (you know, the stuff in that closet/cupboard.)
  7. Laugh every day.
  8. Keep making good friends.
  9. Find a community “home” (like Cheers – someplace where everybody knows my name)
  10. Always have dogs.
  11. Montreal.
  12. Iceland – stay in that ice hotel.
  13. Dye my hair a very bizarro color.
  14. Another tattoo! Something larger and where I can see it this time.
  15. Learn to live with less.
  16. Reduce my carbon footprint.
  17. Learn to kayak comfortably alone – without a guide.
  18. Swim more in the ocean, so as to get comfortable with the idea of tides (water – where I’m from – freezes over in the winter and stays pretty much in one place during the summer).
  19. Victoria Falls.
  20. Knit an Aran sweater.

What about you? What’s one thing on YOUR life list?

5 thoughts to “Life List”

  1. i often try to write a life list, but it seems like every time i do, i either a) can’t come up with anything other than ‘be happy’, or b) my list just keeps growing and starts to include things like “visit Antarctica” and “start a secret society”…

    So which one should i say?

    Ill just stick with ‘be happy’ i think.

  2. RE kayaking:
    If you find that kaying in a traditional boat alone continues to make you nervous, I highly suggest looking for a used sit-on-top kayak. I bought an Ocean Kayak “Scrambler” 5 years ago because at the time no one I knew kayaked, and I knew I’d be out alone frequently. They can’t sink, don’t “swamp” (so no need to “pump if you dump”), and if you tip over, you just fall off and then crawl back on. The Scramber is a great length for flat water ponds as well as more open water (I have safely and easily taken it a mile off-shore, though I do suggest a buddy be along for that if possible). I have used it (with a buddy) on Class II rivers as well.l You can also surf with it, if that interests you. It was 400 bucks well spent, and I feel safe alone with it on flat water and while skirting the shore in the bay.

  3. oh these are great. i’m afriad if i did it, it would be so long that nobody could possibly do it all in one life. good thing i sort of mostly believe in reincarnation. so i’ll do that in this life and the other in my fourth life?

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