I need to blog about…

  1. Dartmouth Hockey Camp
  2. Dinner at L’Espalier for our anniversary
  3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Amy and I also need to figure out what we’re doing for our summer vacation this year. That starts on Friday and lasts for 10 days. Not that we’re behind on planning or anything… We’re thinking along the lines of:

  • a couple of days on the Cape
  • a few days in New Hampshire
  • staying up in Maine for a few more days after the lobster bake
  • or something else like that….

We’re definitely going to do some geocaching, the dogs will be with us, and I’m going to unplug from teh Internets. I so cannot wait! Hopefully tonight I’ll get to the top three items in this note – if I can only get to one, which would you prefer to read about?

One thought to “I need to blog about…”

  1. happy anniversary! unplug the internet? no? really? how ever will you catch up with all that you missed out on? hope you have a relaxing vacation. i’m not taking one until september and then i’ll have 2 whole weeks off. can’t wait for that. it’ll be my first vacation this year!

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