Happy New Year, 2010 edition

How did I do on last year’s resolutions? If you’ll remember, they were to read at least 50 books, find at least 20 geocaches, score 2 points in hockey, bike more, and move/lift. Well, I read. Some. And then apparently stopped once August came rolling around. Fortunately I was able to read a few more books over vacation (thus far) and finished the year with 46 under my belt. As for geocaching – nope, not even close. I think I’m going to have to take caching off my resolution list, as it doesn’t seem like I’m doing it for fun, but rather out of obligation. In hockey, I had 6 goals and 19 assists – 2 of those assists in Nationals! – so I definitely accomplished that resolution. I biked some this year. It definitely helps to have a decent bike! And I more than “moved” because as you’ll recall, I joined CrossFit New England and have been kicking some serious butt.

This year’s numerical summary:

  • Books read: 46
  • States visited: 6 (NH, VT, ME, NY, MN, CO)
  • Countries visited: 1 (Mexico)
  • Hockey games played: 86 (being on 3 summer teams will do that…)
  • New gadgets: 1 (a Droid Eris)
  • Dogs: 2, still.

This coming year, I again have some modest resolutions.

  • Continue with Crossfit and achieve the goals I set there each month.
  • Knit more: 3 hats in January, finish the Janda sweater, Bruins gloves, and the fingerless gloves I started in Maine.
  • Keep my weight under my magical number all year long.
  • Play more games! Bananagrams is at the top of that list, for sure.
  • Read more books in 2010 than I read in 2009.
  • Learn to can fruits and veggies.
  • Travel to more places in 2010 than I did in 2009. (Already on the calendar: Mexico, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and potentially California for a work conference – would like to get to Florida and Michigan this year too.)

Should be easy to do, right? Well, check back NEXT January 1 (that’d be in 2011, y’all) and see how I do!

Happy New Year to you and yours in 2010.

Megan and Amy, New Year's 2010
Megan and Amy, New Year's 2010

6 thoughts to “Happy New Year, 2010 edition”

  1. HAPPY RESOLUTION: I was reading about happiness and how to encourage it in your life. They said you should wake up every day and say “this is going to be the best day EVER!”. That is even a little to Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm for me…so I have been waking up and saying “today is going to be a good day”. So far, so good!

  2. Hey, Woman! I was looking at knitting blogs and decided to visit yours to see what was up. WHEN might you be thinking of visiting WI and WHERE in WI will you be? We’d drive to see you for a cuppa and a chat!
    Monica (& Jon Mark & Ivy)

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