Black Friday, Adams-Family Style

Who is crazy enough to actually go shopping the day after Thanksgiving anyway? Sure as heck not me – I don’t like crowds of more than 20 or so people on a good day, and today’s not really a “good” day out there in consumurbia.

But this morning, Mom, Amy, and I sat down with breakfast, coffee, and a stack of mail-order catalogs. Mom wanted ideas for us for Christmas presents. So today, Amy and I have been “shopping” in catalogs. It’s been quite fun, actually. Rather than actually shopping, we’re looking at pretty things, laughing at silly catalogs and models, finding the types of things that appeal to us (Athleta, Activa, and Title Nine are the catalogs that we are apparently the target demographic for), and marking them so Mom can do some from-the-house shopping over the next few weeks.

Gram and one of my aunties came over for a while on their way to go decorate the Dome for Christmas, and one of my folks’ neighbors stopped by for a little bit to chat and check up on things around here. I tried too hard to make friends with her (little, white, flooooofy) dog, so he’d have nothing to do with me. And then there’s been hockey, infomercials, and James Bond. What a great day after Thanksgiving! Tonight we’re going out to dinner – I rather wish we could have turkey leftovers. Maybe I’ll try to rustle up some turkey hash for tomorrow morning…