Almost Done…

Nothing big to report, other than the fact that I will never:

a. think about karaoke the same way again
b. think about flossing the same way again
c. hear the name “Brunhilde” without hearing/seeing it as “Broomhilde” in my head

It was a pretty funny Thankgiving weekend, to say the least.

Amy and I made it home safe and sound after a great 60 hours in Minnesota. We got to see my godparents and their family, as well as my grandmother. We ate a boatload of sushi with my folks last night. We watched some hockey with my dad. We spent time talking with my folks and just generally having a good time. Happy Thanksgiving weekend to us.

The dogs were happy to see us come home, but again, weren’t too happy so we know they had a good time with the woman who took care of them. The house is happy. And Sarah managed to muck around with the t.v. enough so that the HD is now full-screen, instead of with the black bands at the top and bottom. I’ve been trying to figure that one out for almost a year now – very happy to have the answer.

Tomorrow is the last day of this NaBloPoMo. I suspect I’ll blog about hockey, as per usual on Sundays. Hope we do well, since I think we’re playing one of the B-level teams tomorrow. Wish us luck!

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