A Few Random Notes to Self

Don’t read books about anxiety when you’ve got big projects going on at work.

Powerbars taste like crap.

Advil does not work for your headaches; Tylenol or Excedrin do.

Unintentional hilarity is the best kind. Don’t be the person who’s unintentionally hilarious though.

Go to IKEA to get several more GOSIG KANIN toys (aka “buuuuuunny” who Otter loves).

Programming home voice mail number into cell phone is a smart idea.

Milwaukee airport does not have free wireless (fie on you!) so be sure to download stuff to read before flying on Wednesday.

Midwest Airlines – for all their fabulousness in terms of chocolate chip cookies – charges for baggage, so pack lightly and don’t check a bag on Wednesday.

Kick the dogs out of bed when you’re really tired or you will wake up with cricks in your body.

Check your twitter account when you want to track headaches. You tweet about them a fair amount.

Use the word “unglued” more often to describe behavior of those who act that way.

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