There is always another side to every story

Sulkbrarian offers a corollary to my post from yesterday. You ought to read it. The author of the post really gets at what’s wrong with library searches these days, and I won’t shy away from saying that I’ve participated in searches where the committee as a whole behaved badly. Of course, we were usually in the situation of having to follow university guidelines. Can I just tell you how inhumane many university guidelines are? They fly in the face of total common sense. There are a whole load of fun policies for your perusal on lots of libraries’ web sites. I would link to ones at places where I’ve worked, but that somehow seems mean and/or petty. And we all know that I’d never want to be accused of either of those things!

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently printed an article called The Rhetoric of Rejection by one Darin Hayton that all job seekers ought to read before they embark on their quest to find that perfect job. Then, in the event that they receive one of the weird rejections that Hayton discusses, they will be prepared for it.

No, the job search process is one fraught with anxiety on both sides of the equation. Job seekers and employers both are looking for the right person to fill the right job at the right time and in the right place. Imagine what a challenging process that can be!