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I’ve been looking in lots of places for audio, image, and video files that some of my students can use for a project they’re working on in lab. Here are some of the neat things – all available either in the public domain or via Creative Commons licensing – I’ve found:

Example 1: The Boston Typewriter Orchestra

Example 2: ccMixter – mashup, re-mix, and re-use all sorts of songs

Example 3: Free Sound Project – mashup, re-mix, and re-use all sorts of sounds (not songs, though)

Example 4: The Internet Archive, but in particular the moving images and audio collections.

Example 5: Flickr images – with CC licensing

Example 6: Creative Commons search

Not really sure what Creative Commons licensing is? Check out this excellent video on the history and principles behind CC.

I’m still not 100% comfortable with licensing my writing under a CC license, although many of my photos are available with one of the CC licenses. What about you (if you contribute digital works to the internet cloud)? Do you reserve all your rights, or do you share some of your rights?

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