Refgrunt: Post-Thanksgiving Blahs

Seems that most of the questions folks asked today were kind of blah. I’ll chalk it up to the post-Thanksgiving blahs.

  • stapler is out of staples
  • need paper in printers
  • i’m making liner notes for a CD and need to know how to punctuate something that goes at the end. i’ve got the dedication on some lines and then need to put a quote by someone who appears on the CD (but the quote isn’t on the recording). how do i punctuate that? looked it up in chicago manual of style 15th ed and decided that should have its own lines, author has own line, usually preceded by a dash, no quotation marks around quote, may be italicized by not necessary. (section 11.40).
  • web page from antioch college isn’t printing correctly. help! we couldn’t select the text in IE so switched to firefox. tried to select text and print – page came out blank. so we just print-previewed and it looked like the text was all there. printed and it worked.
  • where can I find data on immigrants in new york, boston, etc? american factfinder has category that is “foreign-born”.
  • web page is cutting off words on right side of page when i try to print. found a “printer-friendly” icon and were able to successfully print.

Sorry for the missed day yesterday. Our road trip was going swimmingly well until we hit the MassPike. They don’t call us “Massholes” for no reason, I’ll tell you that. Forty miles of near-parking lot almost blew my gasket, but eventually we made it home, had dinner, and collapsed into bed. So now we have four cars in the driveway: the 2005 CR-V, the (new to us!) 1999 Subaru Outback, the 1995 hatchback Civic, and the Volvo sedan of unknown vintage. The last belongs to Amy’s brother and will be departing on Wednesday. I think we’ve got someone who may be able to make good use of the Civic. That will leave us with 2 cars – a somewhat more reasonable number for a 2-person, 2-dog household.

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  1. the antioch college website has been pretty screwey for a while now. in part, it’s because the school is in the throes of a lot of conflict. most web traffic has been going to a couple of other sites, particularly and a number of other variants such as and as well as

    all of the above sites are acting as community spaces and resources for the far-flung antioch college community. The organization to keep the school alive is going quite well, by the way, and the school is beginning to accept applications again.

    keep an eye out for more wrangling over our dear Olive Kettering Library. It’s a gem of a collection and at the heart of a lot of conflict right now.

  2. Glad you are home safe and sound! Seems like you made great time in spite of the Massholes.
    If you civic person falls through, let me know. If I get the MV job, I will be looking for a second used car to either use on the island or keep on the mainland, as I plan to come “ashore” every two weeks or so, and ferrying the car is crazy expensive.And I still haven’t gotten over the loss of my last Honda Civic.

  3. Jess, we’ll keep you in mind – the person taking the civic may have need for it only for a 6 month type of frame-work. If it comes available again (and is still running) we’ll let you know!

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