Refgrunt: A Busier Monday at the Reference Desk

This Monday was a lot busier than last Monday. I attribute this to two things:

  1. We have classes tomorrow. Last week there were no classes on Tuesday because of the on-campus Tanner Conference.
  2. A writing instructor with 2 sections (i.e. 30 students total) has set today as the due date for papers about Supreme Court cases.

With that, here are my questions from today’s 10 am – 1 pm desk shift:

  • Checking to make sure in-text citations with EndNote/MLA were correct. (They are.)
  • Which reference type to use in EndNote for Supreme Court case? (“Case.”)
  • How do I download EndNote onto Vista? (Gave her directions on how to get to shared network space, helped download and install, found updated MLA style on Endnote website and installed for her.)
  • Lawrence v. Texas – How can I find 2 of the 4 previous cases; not Supreme Court, but Court of Appeals and Harris County Criminal Court? (Lexis/Nexis worked for Court of Appeals. Made sure to add in “Garner” to narrow down search results.)
  • Printer jam. (Worked my mojo and fixed it.)
  • Fill the stapler please? (Filled.)
  • Writing research paper on American legacy of “Crypto-Jews” or “Marranos” – Jews who converted outwardly to Catholicism during Spanish Inquisition; needs lots of info. (In Academic Search Premier found several books via book reviews; in library catalog used subject heading “marranos” and found 6 likely-looking books; in Sociological Abstracts found several recent and older articles.)
  • During that previous question:Printer jam – twice. (Worked mojo again. Apparently mojo doesn’t stick.)
    Computer’s not working. (Plugged it back in. Plugs get kicked out often because of location.)
  • How do I cite a Supreme Court oral argument using MLA style? (Possible answer: Speaker’s name. “Title of oral argument.” Oral argument. Supreme Court of the United States. Date. – emailed professor to confirm that this is what she expects. She emails back and says to take out speaker’s name. What do I know about Supreme Court oral arguments? Apparently not enough!)
  • Which reference type should I use in EndNote for Supreme Court case? (“Case.”)
  • Printer jam. (Mojo is draining fast.)
  • Printer jam in other printer. (I have no mojo left.)

This was a much more interesting and fun Monday at the reference desk than last week. I’m always surprised at how it varies depending on the phase of the moon, whether the sky is partly-cloudy or partly-sunny, and if the swan living on the lake decided to chase geese that morning or not…

2 thoughts to “Refgrunt: A Busier Monday at the Reference Desk”

  1. (your security words make me laugh, in a good way)…

    For what its worth, the last time I looked at EndNote, it was compatible with Vista, but not Word 2007… have they changed that? I have to write in APA format, augh!!!


  2. i think “we” like refworks better than endnote at our library/university. but i’d rather just do it the plain old-fashioned way. they’re not as seamless as promised and most students get bent out of shape when they realize it’s more work than they were told.

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