RefGrunt #1

So I didn’t pick the best day of the week to show off my prowess at reference work, nor to highlight the fabulous questions students at MPOW ask.

Monday morning, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. This Monday, the day before the Tanner Conference when 300+ students give presentations to the entire community on service learning work they’ve done. The day before classes don’t happen on a Tuesday. The day on which the fussy electric stapler generated the most reference questions…

At any rate, here we go – my 10-1 desk shift on 11/5/2007:

  • to the ref desk now.
  • recycling taken care of, printers filled with paper, electric stapler massaged back into working.
  • endnote installation problems. read the directions, folks! when it says “drag this folder to your desktop” DO IT.
  • ref room is filling up. there were only 2 students in here at 10, at 10:30 we’ve got 10 students. no questions yet.
  • room’s getting busier. 9:40 classes finished a bit ago, 11:20 classes start soon.
  • oooh. my first in-person request. for the stapler. sigh.
  • stupid electric stapler. put out manual one. hopefully letting electric one sleep will make it happy.
  • patrons print insane amounts of stuff at this library. we go through paper and toner like it’s nobody’s business.
  • almost done with this reference shift and the only questions i’ve been asked have been about the electric stapler. mondays are hard @ ref.
  • finished writing educause report and posted to IS and RIG conferences (message boards).
  • to lunch then meeting about staffing then office hours. then finish some work and head home. 

I think maybe I’ll rethink doing RefGrunts on the other Mondays, in case they’re as sloooooooow as today was. Snooze-o-rama! We’ll see if my desk shift tomorrow is any more exciting. (It will be, trust me. Afternoon shifts always are.)

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