Educause 2008 – Day 2

Today was the day of email and the day of Twitter.

I went to two morning discussions sessions: one on outsourcing student email, the other on outsourcing non-email applications. Took lots of notes in both. I went to afternoon session: a point/counterpoint on outsourcing student email solutions. I talked with the Microsoft Live@edu rep about email. I walked past the Mirapoint booth several times but was too fried each time to actually make it in to talk with them.

I also got roped into two presentations: the first was by a company named Bradford. They do network security stuff. It’s probably bad to admit that I only stuck around for the drawing for an ipod touch at the end, isn’t it? About 20 minutes after I didn’t win that prize, I stumbled on a customer presentation about Desire2Learn. It was really good, so after it was over I grabbed one of the reps and chatted with him for a long time about D2L. It’s a pretty impressive-looking product.

Poster sessions today were similar to yesterday in terms of graphical quality. I just don’t get the whole using 8.5″ x 11″ paper plus thumbtacks for a presentation. Not surprisingly, Memorial Sloan Kettering had the most professional poster. Scientists do a lot of poster sessions, so they get how to do them right.

As for Twitter, I tweeted the Moira Gunn keynote this morning and noticed that 8 or so other folks were doing the same thing. A few of us ended up grabbing lunch together. It was odd to walk up to a table of people and say, “Hi! I’m librarygrrrl, but you can call me Megan.” Fortunately they were all like, “Hi, I’m Kaijia” and “I’m LJ Full of Grace”, so librarygrrrl doesn’t seem quite so silly.

I’ll post links to all the sessions I attended later. Too poped right now to do more than close the computer and crawl under the covers of this big, king bed bedecked in all-white sheets and duvet. Yeah, that pretty much would never happen in my home with the two pooches, their fur, and their dity little paws.

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