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I use Bloglines for most of my blog reading. (My list of public feeds is here if you’d like to grab any of my feeds.)

Lately, though, I’ve found some great feeds/feed sources that I want to write about, in order to use them in my job.

Hubmed: Get a feed for a search of the Pubmed database. Searches can be on topics, authors, or journal names. I like the journal name search in particular, because I suspect it would allow libraries to highlight the findings coming out of our more expensive library resources.

Encyclopedia Britannica: They have a feed called “this day in history“. Again, could be cool to use this to display content on a library website.

Oxford University Press online journals all have RSS feeds! Find feeds on each journal’s page. All their online journals are here.

New items in the Tri-College Libraries. You can modify this feed in a variety of ways – subject (broadly defined by LC call numbers), material type, and location (Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Swarthmore, or combined Quaker collections.)

That’s all for now.

3 thoughts to “Cool RSS Feeds”

  1. Another cool feature of Hubmed is latent OpenURLs. Go to Dan Chudnov’s page of examples and grab a bookmarket or greasemonkey script. It would have to be modified for Tri-Colleges, of course, but if you go to Hubmed, it will provide OpenURL links to your link resolver. Because they’re there, WAG the Dog can show you, in the record, if your library has the article in fulltext or not. Yay Hubmed.

    Hubmed is so cool that for the Scirus plugin for WAG the Dog, I made a link to Hubmed for all the Pubmed entries that come back. It just does so much more that it seems worthwhile to advertise it as a viable alternative.

  2. Bah, sorry about that. The first time it claimed to have blocked me because it claimed I was a spammer. Oh the irony.

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