Are you a blog person?

My friend Jon Mark wrote to me a while ago, asking what I thought of the recent Michael Gorman brou-ha-ha. For those who haven’t kept up with it, dont’ read Slashdot fanatically, or aren’t librarians, links to the original article and many responses can be found here.

My response to Jon Mark read, in part:

There will always be people in my profession who do not do as I do, nor see what I see. Some of us are forward-thinking and others stuck in the past, some of us are starry-eyed about the possibilities of technology while others discount it out of hand, and some of us are – on occasion – wrong despite our best intentions.

That applies to US (blog people) and THEM (Michael G, this time).

So Mr. Gorman, president-elect of my main professional association, please consider the uproar over your LJ article an invitation to talk with those of us who think that you are wrong on this one.

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