ALA Sunday from the perspective of an ACRL Section Chair

I’m starting to get tired, I admit it. The wake-up call at 6:30 a.m. was a pretty rude jolt. For those who know me in real life, you’ll know that there are like 3 times in each year when I get up that early – all three usually related to airplanes. But somehow at ALA this year I’ve got two 8:00 a.m. things going on, so I’ll have used up my allotment of 3 early-mornings by the time this conference is over.

Anyhow, on to the day! Rolled out of bed and headed to the Sheraton to meet with the WSS 2006 Program Planning Committee. We’re hosting a program tomorrow that promises to be quite fun – “Doing Information Literacy Differently: The View from Interdisciplinary Studies.” We’ve got three great speakers lined up, a good amount of time for Q&A, and plan to hold more extensive break-out discussions after the talks. So the committee met for an hour to finalize all the things we need to do.

After that, I headed to the convention center to get the evaluation forms from the ALA Offices and to stop by the exhibits quickly. I found my friend Justin at the Harrasowitz booth and we had a good time catching up. We worked together at Swarthmore for a few years, and both left in the last year to take other jobs. I miss seeing him routinely, as he makes me laugh so hard my sides hurt.

From 10:30-12:30 was the WSS All-Committees time. Since my committee met eariler, I only had to wander around a bit to chat up folks about facilitating the discussion tables, and to chat with the chair of the Awards Committee to find out tips and tricks for doing the awards work at Midwinter.

Kelly and I bugged out of the meeting early and headed to the exhibits at the convention center again. She found some good (free!) manga for her son, and then we hit the Microsoft booth (free Nalgene bottles!), the Ms. booth (1/2 price subscriptions to the magazine!), and the Google booth (answer a fun quiz and get a baseball hat, knock-off Moleskine, or other Google swag!) I’m going back to the Google booth tomorrow to get a hat. 🙂 If my bags weren’t already so heavy, I’d have probably gotten a lot more pre-pub books, but I resisted and only picked up two. So proud of myself….

For lunch, we wandered over to Mulate’s. I had my second-favorite po-boy, a crawfish one. Yummmmmmmmmy! Then it was time for the WSS Executive Committee meeting. We got through the whole agenda, minus one item that Kelly and I can email to the group later. We voted (four times!) (we never really vote on much) on things that will make a difference. We discussed scheduling of meetings to allow for more time to do non-WSS things at conference. We all oooohed and ahhhhed when Erin told us about her opportunity to be the librarian for the Semester at Sea program in the spring, and were heartened when Piper offered to do the web work while she was gone. We met Adam, the new ACRL guy, and heard from our ACRL Board rep, Lynne. We gave committee reports that weren’t too long or too short. And most importantly, we laughed a lot. At the last Exec meeting, in San Antonio, there was a pigeon that kept wandering into the room (long story) and we giggled about that. It was all good.

To end the night, a lot of us went to a reception that Susan’s employer threw. Susan (one of the funniest women I know, and my neighbor in the Boston area) told us the most HILARIOUS story about her early-morning cab ride to the Kinko’s with the cab driver who somehow managed to take the conversation from PETA to hunting and fishing to Whole Foods to comparing a certain group of women to Chihuahuas and others to Bulldogs. Again, my face and sides ached from laughing so hard. She was worried it would lose something in the translation to the written word, and I agree, so suggested she podcast it. If she does, though, she wants only to share it with a super-secret set of people – and I think that set is People Who Know Susan. 🙂

And now I’m in the hotel room, ready to prep for all the MCing I get to do tomorrow at the program. Wish me luck – I think it’s going to go well – and I’ll post late tomorrow night, after the program, the other program I’m going to go to, and the baseball game that the Gale folks take subscribers to ECCO (Eighteenth Century Collections Online) to. I’m not in that group any longer, but the fellow who organizes it said I could come anyway. Excellent! I love minor league baseball. Ta and have a good night.

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  1. you said “swag” — my favourite word ever when it comes to conferences! UBCool! 😀

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