ALA Monday from the perspective of an ACRL Section Chair

WSS Program: Doing Information Literacy Differently: The View from Interdisciplinary Studies

Tiffini Travis, CSU-LB, Sara Heitshu, U of AZ, and Sherri Barnes, UCSB

We had 95 attendees about 15 minutes after Tiffini began speaking. The speakers each talked for 15-20 minutes, and then we had a half-hour worth of questions and answers.

Although many people left to go to the security line for Laura Bush’s talk, about 30 folks stuck around for three lively roundtable discussions ranging across many areas of interdisciplinarity and information literacy.

There was only one disaster – I dumped water and ice all over the presenters’ table while the second presenter was speaking. Super-embarrassing, but everyone in the audience laughed, and Sara said it helped her out, as it “broke the ice”. Haha.

A group of nine of us (including all three presenters) went out for lunch at Mulate’s afterwards and continued the conversations from the roundtables, as well as simply socializing.

I thought it was a fabulous program and was highly successful. The presenters were engaging and gracious, the questions from audience were thoughtful and helped presenters bring more issues to light than they could discuss in their presentations, and the facilitators of round tables directed and recorded ideas from the wide-ranging conversations. Wahoo!
Once I get my wits about me again (yesterday was a hellish day trying to get home from NOLA, and today I was bleh, headache-y, and pooped), I’ll write up the program in much more detail.

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