ACRL President’s Program: Interludes

(Bad, jiggly) videos of the interludes from the recent ACRL President’s Program at ALA 2006. Seems that I set my camera’s resolution a tad too high, so each video was initially 100+MB. Oops! Downloaded DivX and converted them to “portable” format so I could upload them to YouTube. Enjoy.

Okay, now my rant. Can you even BELIEVE someone thought the Carnak thing was either funny or relevant? Yes, yes, yes, we are a greying profession in some respects, but it’s no wonder librarians have an image issue, when you try to pull off skits based on skits that are originally more than 25 years old. ARGH. I was embarrassed – mostly because half the audience was too young to know who Johnny Carson is. I know who he is, but only barely. I’m of the Jay Leno era, and I’ve been out of grad school for 10 years. CAR-freaking-NAK? [facepalm]

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3 thoughts to “ACRL President’s Program: Interludes”

  1. Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I remember (staying up late and) watching Johnny Carson once or twice, and I’m still *in* grad school.

  2. Haha I had no idea what the reference was for Carnack- i mean i had heard the name before but had no clue where i vaguely knew it from- thanks for filling me in!

  3. I must admit I was another person in the audience who had absolutely no idea what was going on. Bleagh, so not funny… Who is Karnak?? I had to ask my neighbor. Next time at least test out your jokes! Maybe try Steven Colbert?

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