20 things I like about my job: a list

  1. the folks in my department are a hoot
  2. the students ask really neat questions
  3. my office rocks
  4. the planning initiative
  5. interviewing people
  6. teaching fun classes (living city in film and women + memoir are two recent faves)
  7. the folks in other departments are a hoot too
  8. did i mention that the students are really smart?
  9. and that my office overlooks about a million trees?
  10. thursday “office hours” with the simpson folks
  11. they let me play hockey with the college club team
  12. food from el table (student-run cafe) (yummmmy grilled cheese, tomato, and avocado on 12-grain bread….)
  13. a gorgeous campus
  14. i don’t commute to work, i drive
  15. my boss is pretty darn awesome
  16. the students (yeah, again)
  17. the change – current and future
  18. (i hate to admit this) the incredible furniture on the first floor of the library (not the lime green tongue chairs, but the rust-colored womb chairs, which i COVET)
  19. the varied nature of my work, from daily to management to project to professional
  20. the people i work with and for

Yes, coming here was a good move. Amy and I debated for a few days about whether to make the leap or not, and there were a couple of moments after we got here when I second-guessed the decision (usually during the nearly-hour-long commute I had to our then-apartment in Jamaica Plain). But now that I’m 10 months into it, settled into our home just 5 minutes from campus, and settled into a life routine, it’s really obvious to me that I’ve made a good choice professionally and personally. I can’t wait to see what the next 10 months bring.

5 thoughts to “20 things I like about my job: a list”

  1. Glad to hear things are going so well! And wow does that grilled cheese, tomato, & avacado sound awesome (yup, it’s not even 8 am yet!)

  2. I’m glad your new library is so wonderful. I haven’t worked in a university library since library school and envy your daily work with students. It’s wonderful when you find the library that is really home.

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