Words and Knits

Last night, Michael was telling me about some books that he’s read. The initial series had 7 titles, and then, as he put it, “there were a bunch of prequels and …. postquels.”

I think postquel is my new favorite made-up word. It’s related to sequel (the word I suggested he might have meant, but was informed quite sternly was NOT what he meant), but has a different meaning. A sequel, in my mind, follows the initial story closely in time, and involves many of the same characters. A postquel, on the other hand, is set up by the events in the initial story, but doesn’t necessarily involve the same characters or occur closely in time to the first story. For example, the Lord of the Rings trilogy is an exercise in sequels, while the Recluce series of books by L.E. Modesitt is more of an exercise in prequels, sequels, AND postquels. Right now, I’m having a hard time thinking of a book that directly led to a postquel, though. Ideas, anyone?

In other news, here is Maggie Jane with the cheese (rind) from Wednesday night.

Cheese Thief

And here is the Weekend Warrior sweater from Yarn Girls’ Guide to Simple Knits

Sweater - Almost Done


You can see that I’m done with the sleeves! All I need to do now (tonight?) is to seam the shoulders, set in and seam the sleeves, and pick up and knit the neckband. I’m pretty excited that it’s so close to done. Too bad it’s 90 degrees out today… gah.

Yesterday, I hosted a PhillyKnitters Stitch-n-Bitch at my house. The dog entertained folks for a little bit, until she was rescued by her new favorite human being (that’d be Smitty…) The food people brought was wonderful – Cyn’s baked, marinated tofu was to die for, Rosemary’s tuna/cream cheese pizza was nummy nummy nummy, and Jill’s marinated mozzerella… oh god. Best ever. And it was so fun to have all these women in my house, knitting away. I hung in the backyard with Jody, Cristy, Sam, Rosemary, and Evelyn, while Naomi, Jill, Cyn, Amee, Charlotte, Megan, Kim, Mishel, Alisa, and … I forget who else … hung in the dining room. No one seemed too thrilled to sit on a leather sofa in the living room. 🙂 Go figure!

So now I’m going to try to seam up the shoulders on my sweater. Seaming isn’t my strong suit yet, so we’ll see how this goes. More pictures later, as it gets more and more complete.