Updates, list-style

  1. Knitting: I’ve been doing some. Made some wristlets for my office from yarn I bought at MDSW 2005. Based it on the Fetching pattern from the summer 2006 Knitty. I brought the cables all the way up the back and did just a plain bind-off. I really like how they look, but should have made them about 1 repeat longer arm-wise, and about 1 repeat longer finger-wise (after the thumb gusset). Still, I wear them all the time at work (my office is really cold). I’m making a matching hat with the cables going all the way up the top. Getting close to where I need to start the crown decreases, but the math of how to do decreases across 11 sets of 2 facing cables…! Makes my brain hurt a ltitle. I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually. Things I’ve learned while knitting all this: how to pick up a dropped stitch, how to fix a mis-directed cable, and how to switch a knit stitch to a purl stitch several rows later (related to the dropped stitch thing). Can you believe I’ve been knitting for 4 years and have never dropped a stitch until now? I’m a little too … SOMETHING or other with my knitting.

    Cabled Hat in progress

  2. Geocaching: Haven’t been doing any lately, but Amy + I did take a class at REI the other day called Introduction to GPS. Oh my – waypoints and GoTos! Holy crapoly! I need to buy a cable for my unit quick so I can start using the GPS the way it’s supposed to be used, rather than the haphazard way we’ve been using it so far.
  3. Work: Have started advertising for 2 librarians at my library. Interested? The semester hasn’t been too crazy yet. All of us in the group are waiting for the other shoe to drop. I think it’ll happen in mid-October when all the writing classes want instruction sessions.
  4. Hockey: Amy + I found a team here – the Black Ice – and have been playing with them for about a month. We’re 1-3 so far, but I anticipate that we’re going to start winning games soon. The team is great – mostly soccer moms from the suburbs, and a few soccer moms from the city. I’m highly amused by this, as the makeup of my last team was NOTHING like that. If you’re interested in seeing us play sometime, drop me a line and I’ll send you our schedule.
  5. Newsworthy: I’m completely disgusted by the recent Congressional action re: torture/habaeus corpus/the slippery slope towards gutting the Constitution. I’m supporting Deval Patrick for governor here in MA. If you live in PA (Delaware County area) you should consider supporting Bryan Lentz for a House seat. Ask Daddy Democrat why.
  6. Completely Random: I just started using Google Reader as my newsreader and am loving it! Buh-bye Bloglines! I’ll be using you only for your email function any longer. From now on, I’m a GReader gal.

That’s all.

P.S. Maggie (the dog) is insanely cute sometimes. This morning she managed to do this:

Under Wraps

5 thoughts to “Updates, list-style”

  1. ohhhhhh megan……your wristlets are soooooooooo cuuuuuuutttteee….. i am so jealous of your knitting! i want to learn how. glad ot know they are called wristlets… i was calling them arm mittens! love you! someday when you come back to MN, we have to meet up again for coffee. i miss our regularly scheduled comments.

  2. Google really is taking over our lives, isn’t it.

    My husband and I love Geocaching! Maybe someday our paths will cross. Our user name there is Chromeo and the Tektress (long story). We just have a super low-end GPS unit that doesn’t even connect to the computer, but so far it’s worked for us.

  3. wow those wristlets look great. i didn’t know you could do cables. awesome. my cable project stalled. what is it about library offices that make them so cold? i run my heater in summer to keep warm. and we’re in a new building.

    is it ice hockey or field hockey? always wanted to play, but we’re deprived in these mountains.

    and i’ll have to check out google reader. bloglines is so tempermental anymore. i’m behind in my reading!

  4. Awww, Maggie–just shows that EVERYONE loves a Poang!

    When I taught my neighbor to knit, I learned a LOT of mistake-fixin’ tricks. ANy dropped stitched, wrongly stitched, or just not right thing before got frogged. It’s kinda cool to be able to fix things mid-knit, now! Rock on!

  5. Cutest dog ever!

    I need some of those wristlets – the reference desk is notoriously cold in winter – I often have to wear a jacket.

    I have a cable for my gps, but only use it for long runs with lots of caches. Be sure to check ebay – way cheaper than at the store.

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