Stories in Pictures

Several stories here.

Story the first: this past weekend Amy and I went to Chicago for the ALA Annual Conference. Amy played for 4 days straight, while I was in meetings galore. Saturday afternoon, however, one of our library’s vendors took 40+ folks to see the Cubs play the White Sox at Comiskey (US Cellular) Park. The Sox lost (sadness), but the game itself was fun. Amy and I have now been to three ballparks this year – Citizens Bank Park in Philly, Oriole Park at Camden Yard in Baltimore, and Comiskey in Chicago.

Cuteness at Comiskey

Story the second: Another photo of the great striped scarf. I think I like this photo even more than the other ones! Working away on the green/blue one still….

Noro Scarf Rolled Up

Story the last: Maggie hates to have her toenails clipped. We always argue, and I usually end up sitting/laying on her to clip the nails and stay in position while using the Dremel to file the sharpness away. Last night I did one front paw, and tonight I did the other front paw (later I’ll do at least one of the back ones). Afterwards, I praised her lavishly for being such a good girl, and let her out to the backyard. I looked out a few moments after that. Do you see what I see? Look carefully in the center of the photo.

Maggie in the Hostas

Silly dog! Laying in the hostas is no place for a beast.

Oh hey, if you live in Philly, get out of town this weekend. There’s this big huge concert coming to town along with about two million people. It doesn’t sound like any fun to me. That’s why I’ll be in NYC with Amy and her softball team at the Playing for Life tournament. WAY more fun!

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  1. That scarf is so cool. I love it–so swirly!

    Christy and I are going to brave the crowds, at least for a bit, but we can easily retreat to our air conditioned apartment to watch on TV!

    Have a great weekend, don’t forget your sunscren while watching all that softball!

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