New Knitty with Patterns I Actually Want to Knit

The summer 2005 Knitty is up, and while I won’t comment on the whole “Oh it’s so cool when boyz knit” theme (other than to say GAG), there are a whole bunch of patterns I want to knit out of this one!

First is Lucky. I’m a huge fan of the mistake rib, and really like how the ribbing lines define the shoulders.

Next is Saranac, but with a zipper in the neck placket. I think it would look really good on Amy, in some shade of blue.

Love love love LOVE the Tychus hat. Several people (who will not be getting the mistake-rib scarf for Christmas) may get this hat instead. I think I will try it in various shades of Manos.

And Wild Stripes is very cute and just the inspiration I needed for my friend Smee’s pending baby. I won’t start that until s/he joins the universe, but it’s good to know that I’ll have some fall knitting waiting for me.

Man, too many pending knitting projects. Time to get cracking!

3 thoughts to “New Knitty with Patterns I Actually Want to Knit”

  1. Thanks for the link to Knitty…. I’ve been wanting to knit something for AC before winter hits him. The site has been most interesting and helpful. Hope that all is well with you…. ^_^

  2. Bleah. I was appreciating last issue how they had so many things for different sized people, and now there’s nothing I can wear at all! At least not without fairly extensive modification; men’s sizes tend to be huge on me.

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