Maggie and the Blue Tennis Ball

One day when Amy was walking Maggie, they found a larger-than-normal blue tennis ball. Amy kicked it up into the yard, and since then, Maggie’s had a huge obsession with it. I can stand out there and kick it for her for hours, and she’ll chase it, pick it up by the skin of her teeth, and bring it back to me. There are few things that she’s shown this much sustained interest in, so it amuses me to no end. Here are a couple of my favorite photos with her and the blue tennis ball.

snarky beast with her ball

play-bow with the ball

And then because I am a yarn freak, here is my latest stash enhancement photo. I got 2 balls of Tessin Meunch in blue, and 3 balls of Lana Grossa yarns – one wool in pink/orange/tan, one fuzzy in orange, and one shiny in orange/tangerine. I need another ball of the wool so I can make a nice scarf. The blue will be for baby things, since my green baby thing was so fun to knit. The orange fuzzy and orange/tangerine shiny will end up as a big scarf for me. Because I love orange.

november's stash enhancement

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