Latest Knitting Fun

Just a quick update in the knitting department…

I figured out what I’m going to make for my PhillyKnitters Secret Pal. It definitely isn’t the most complex thing in the world, but I’m hoping it turns out to look really beautiful. I got the yarn for it a while ago, at Finely, A Knitting Party in Swarthmore and the pattern is from the latest Knitter’s Magazine.

Last week I drove up to Chestnut Hill after work to hit the Tangled Web and to find out what they had in their sale bin. Stella mentioned that she’d seen some Noro Kureyon in there, and since I’ve been itching to make some variation on the Booga Bag for a while, I figured it was worth the trip. And I have to say, what a fabulous store! There is room, there is light, there are well-organized displays, and the two women who were working were quite helpful (even if one of them went a little overboard on helping – I’m a librarian, and I get it.) I didn’t find any of the sale Noro (bummer) but I did pick up 3 skeins of colorway 102. Isn’t it pretty?

And more of that color:

The only Noro colorways I’ve worked with before are 87 and 95 – I like the 95 a LOT (lime green is fun!) but the 87 just doesn’t do it for me.


I also found a Minnow Knits pattern to make a sweater for a co-worker’s impending baby. I’m making that out of the Berrocco Plush I got a few weeks ago. It’s the Minnowknits Piccolo pattern – so cute!

When all that is done, summer might be over and I might be inspired to finish my Weekend Warrior sweater. As it stands, I’m dreading seaming it up, since I think the arms aren’t going to fit right. *grumble* Maybe I’ll bring that to Minnesota with me in July, so Mom can help me out with it…. Moms are so great that way!