Klaralund is done!

It’s done! The Klaralund for my mom is done!

Klaralund is done!

Here she is in her soft, stripey goodness. I enjoyed seaming it together, once I got the hang of it.

Mom opens Klaralund

This is Mom opening the sweater. Do you know that this is the first sweater anyone has ever knit for her? When we figured that out, we both got a little bit teary. Of course, that might have been because we were exhausted from the entire day! At any rate, the sweater looks GREAT with khakis and a khaki turtleneck. Time to work on mine!

8 thoughts to “Klaralund is done!”

  1. Most Excellent! I knitted one for my mom and my sisters for Christmas/Solstice. My mom’s reaction was the same…tears! I can’t count the number of sweaters she, and my grandmother, knitted for us over the years. Moms are absolutely the BEST recievers of knitted objects in the world!!

    Your sweater is beautiful!! -Alice

  2. klaralund looks great!!! congrats on the beautiful job AND getting it done in time for christmas. it’s so cool that you’re the first person to give her something handknit 🙂

  3. Wow! That’s really beautiful! I wanted to make my mom a sweater this year, but time ran short and I didn’t plan on starting soon enough — maybe next time I’ll do better! (She got a scarf instead.:) I really, really love this color, too — the slight greens and purples are very understated, and beautiful! Nice work — Jenifer

  4. oh it’s just SO lovely!

    really amazing colorway.

    and you crack me up with the perfectly matched striping.

    just amazing… you should be proud!

  5. what a wonderful gift. As I said before, every time I think of the love of each stitch, I cry. Thank-you so much, dearest daughter

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