It’s Knitting Time Again

It turns out that I hate to knit when it is humid out. There is something about the combination of yarn, needles, and sticky weather that makes me cranky. So I really look forward to September in Philadelphia, when the humidity finally begins to drop and yarn looks tempting again.

That said, I’ve been in a knitting slump. I have so much beautiful yarn, a couple of projects on the needles, and no desire to do anything with what I’ve got. But there is also my practical side, the side that says “NO” to impulse purchases of yarn, the side that keeps me looking at free knitting patterns on the internet. That side has been prevailing lately.

Thus, last night, I picked up a lovely ball of recycled silk sari yarn given to me by my Phillyknitters Secret Pal about a year ago, and found a skein-and-a-half of leftover Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in a lovely blush color, and decided that come hell or high water, I was going to make something with them.

I poked in my pattern stash, I surfed the net, and finally I turned to my books. And then I found a cute little bag pattern that I like – just a knit a long rectangle, add a triangular flap to the end, make some i-cord, and voila! Bag! Since I wanted to see how the yarns looked knitted together, I decided to both swatch and start at the same time (hey, it’s a BAG – it’s not like it needs to fit over my head or anything!)

And I like it. I really do. There should be just enough of the Cashmerino to finish this, although if there isn’t, I’ll make the flap with two strands of the sari yarn held together – the contrast will be nice. Actually, yes, that’s it! I *will* make the flap with two strands of the sari yarn held together. That way, the bag will be that much larger.

Silk Sari Yarn and Cashmerino Bag

The colors are mostly true to life in the photo, at least on my monitor.

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  1. Thanks! I’ll post a link when I have enough boxes to sell — I’m thinking a week or two. You should sell some of your knit items!

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