Happy Stitch-n-Bitch!

So today was the Stitch-n-Bitch where all the Phillyknitters revealed who their secret pals were, and gave them handmade gifts. I’ve been fretting about my gift for my secret pal for a while. I started several projects, only to frog them because they didn’t feel quite right. Then I found some black chenille, some Berroco Mosaic FX (the ladder ribbon stuff) in greens and blues, and the scarf/shawl pattern in the spring 2004 Knitters. It’s actually a pretty simple pattern of YOs and p2togs, with some tassles on the ends. And that was it. I finished it on Saturday afternoon.

This is it:

And a detail of it:

My secret pal, Voirdire, made me a beautiful long skinny scarf out of a grey alpaca yarn. It’s got a very subtle basketweave pattern to it. Here is the scar and the detail of the basketweave pattern:

Aren’t we all lucky? There were so many wonderful gifts given. I’ve got lots of great new ideas for gifts for people now. After I finish the scarf for my dad for Christmas, the 3 baby gifts for little girls born this summer (or to be born in early fall), and the Weekend Warrior sweater that I have only to piece together! No sweat to finish all that and still be able to make people gifts for the holidays, right? Ha! Wish me (the slow and easily-distracted knitter) good luck with all that!