Frog City

Last night, in a fit of cleaning-out-the-closets, I looked quite critically at my Va-Va-Voom vest, and sat down and ripped it out.

Va-va-voom Vest

Poor Va-Va-Voom vest. You were my first knnitted non-scarf/hat/mitten item. You were created with love and care, but not much forethought. For example, why did I not think, “Super-bulky 100% wool for a fitted sleeveless vest? Bad idea!” No, no, instead I charged right ahead and knit you up, in a frenzy of activity. Why also did I not realize that knitted gauge changes on circs vs. straights? It turns out that I knit much tighter in the round than I do flat, and you can see it here.

That being said, I now have seven or eight balls of a lovely Gedifra wool yarn, just right for a hat and mittens or a scarf. Trust me, I understand the irony here.