FO: Boogie Vest

Finished Object time!

I model Amy's Boogie Vest

After fretting for (literally) months about having to learn how to crochet so I could finish the edging of Amy’s birthday present (in May, folks, it was in May), I bit the bullet last week and found an online video that gave me the basics.

I seamed, I crocheted an edge, I wove in ends, I blocked. Amy still hasn’t tried it on, but I’m sure it’ll fit fine (especially since she’s a bit more modestly sized).

The dogs seemed to like it just fine, too.

Maggie and Otter check out Amy's Boogie Vest


Pattern: Boogie Vest
Pattern Source: Knitty, Spring 2004.
Yarn: Triple G Farm wool, color Teal, dye lot Summer 2004. Used about 1.5 skeins.
Needles: Clover Bamboo, size 10, circs
Recipient: Amy

Things I learned how to do while making this vest: cables and single crochet edging.

Things I would do differently if I made this again: Rather than having a slit opening, I would include a set of decreases so that it had a V-neck opening. I’d also make the sleeve openings a little larger, and would make the entire thing about one cable repeat longer. (In other words, knit the front first and make the back to match, rather than the other way around.)

7 thoughts to “FO: Boogie Vest”

  1. LOVE IT! It turned out so great, and I just love that color. I think I may have vest envy =) I have been on Christy to make me an argyle sweater vest in grays and purples, aren’t I demanding?

  2. I’m so impressed! I’m currently staring down a shawl that has less than a dozen rows to finish– and yet, I can’t seem to actually complete it.

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