Fall Knitting: Weekend Warrior, LMKG Noro Striped Scarf #2

Still knitting away here. I’m about 7/8 of the way done with my second striped scarf from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. For some reason, I knit 2×2 rib really slowly, so it’s taking me forever. Oh well, it’s cute, I like it, and it will be done soon.

The huge thing I did last weekend? I ripped out my entire Weekend Warrior sweater. I was just so unhappy with how it had turned out that I’d never finished piecing it together. And the yarn is so beautiful that I couldn’t just let in languish any longer. So rip-rip-rip it went.

From here:

Colinette Point Five in Toscana

To here:

Weekend Warrior Pre-Frogged

To being in big hand-rolled balls.

What really prompted this was that I managed to score another hank of the right colorway, so I can make the right size sweater this time, without worrying about running out of yarn. Not sure what pattern I’ll use this time around – possibly a top-down raglan would be nice. That way, I can make sure the sleeves and body are both long enough for me. AND I won’t have to seam the darn thing! AND I won’t have to fret about how wonky my seams are! Win win situation, right?

So that’s where the knitting stands right now. Too bad I’ve got 4 books that I want to read Right Now on my bedside table, otherwise I’d really get cracking on all the knitting…

3 thoughts to “Fall Knitting: Weekend Warrior, LMKG Noro Striped Scarf #2”

  1. i despise seaming with a passion. i’m all for the top-down method. i LOVE the yarn though, and it’s always sad to frog all that work, but at least you can make it better!

  2. Good for you to have the courage to make it right! Best wishes on the remake! I am wokring with a yarn called Bamboo and the stitch pattern I chose is so cool-open and not messy. It, too, is slow for me!

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