Has it really been almost a month since my last post? My apologies. Life’s been plugging along quite nicely, although as per usual this past year, it’s been busy!

Cabled Hat

I finished both the wristlets and the hat. Love them. Wear them almost every day, even though it’s not quite winter weather yet. I am a dork, I know it. But I really like them.

I started a sweater – for me! It’s Janda from an older issue of Knitty. I got the yarn (Peruvian Highland Wool) a couple of years ago from, and thought it felt like the right time to jump in. So far I’ve finished the back and have begun the front. I think sleeve island is going to be a lot longer than normal on this one, since the sleeves are raglan. But so far it’s a pretty easy, mindless knit, and I like that. The body is the lighter color, and the sleeves are the darker. I’m using a light tan/off-white for the racing stripes up the sleeves.

sleeves Body

My folks came to visit Amy and me at our new house. We had a very nice time – ate a few great meals (Chiara, Oga’s, Union Oyster House), toured campus, drug them to our hockey game (we won!), and watched a bit of baseball in the down times. Just lovely. Can’t wait to see them again at Thanksgiving.Work has been really interesting lately. We’re down a couple of people in my department, which always makes things interesting. Plus there are some interesting division-wide conversations happening that excite me, and that have the potential to make my job a lot more interesting. The decision to come here? Get a thumbs-up. (Although I still my my friends in Philly and at Swat.)

I’m quite sad that I’m missing this year’s Internet Librarian conference. The blog posts I’m reading have me green with envy. Maybe next year (along with ALA Midwinter and Annual, ACRL, and whatever other cool, fun, relevant conferences I can rustle up.)

Things that have caught my eye for one reason or another lately:

That’s all for now. Happy Halloween!

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  1. the hat looks great, and i’m sure the mitts do too.

    as for janda, i’ve always loved that pattern! i’m surprised it didn’t make its way around the blogs more. the 2 shades of green should look nice together.

    ps – glad to hear things are a good-busy with you and amy 🙂

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