When You Realize the Investment was a Good One

A unit in my complex is for sale – I saw the sign go up a couple of days ago. Today I poked around on the realtor’s web site and found the listing. Want to be my neighbor? For a chunk of change, you can. See the listing.

If that’s too pricey for you, consider renting one of the units even closer to me. Three bedrooms, quiet neighbors (in the complex, anyway), and lots of good restaurants just a short walk away…

My goodness, I’m thrilled at this news. The last unit to sell in the complex went for just under $300K, which is nowhere near anything I could have afforded 2.5 years ago. I know that I’m putting a lot of energy into the small and medium-sized fixes that make a unit like this attractive to future potential homebuyers. Those little things like: fresh paint, refinished hardwood floors, matching all the lightswitches, and putting up pegboard in the garage. These things are hard work, yes, but also relatively inexpensive compared to remodeling. All told, those 4 projects I listed cost under $1000, and cost me nothing in labor (thanks Mom, for flying here and doing a major chunk of the painting!)

So anyhow, I’m all smug now, knowing that by being sure of my criteria in looking for a house I was nearly certain to buy something that I would be happy living in and that would appreciate in value. Hooray for me!

4 thoughts to “When You Realize the Investment was a Good One”

  1. wow meg. that’s some awesome appreciation on the house! good job ! i hope mine does that so when i leave, i’ll actually have some money, unlike the whole time i’ve been here w/out any. good job cleaning up the hacked site. he he. 🙂 still, that dragon was kind of hot. 🙂


  2. Beautiful place! (I haven’t used the word beautiful in so long the spelling looks odd.) Frankly. I do not see me buying this lavish home and all your neighbor’s and my accountant may breathe a sigh of relief at the news. But when that certain celebrity moves in, be sure to give us all the details.

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