What I did on Marathon Monday

1. Went to watch the Boston Marathon with Amy and the dogs. Liver treats work wonders in keeping the little dog calm when motorcycles and dogs go past her. Wonder of wonders! Watched the wheelchair racers and the men’s and women’s elite runners. Stuck around until we saw Lance Armstrong go past, then headed home.

2. Went to the Landscape Depot with Amy. Purchased 2 pallets of Pennsylvania fieldstone to be delivered later in the day. Five tons of rocks costs a lot more than you might imagine.

3. Went to Windy-Lo Nursery with Amy. She picked out a white birch tree and 2 red twig dogwood bushes for a corner of the yard. Loaded them into the Subaru and headed home.

4. Planted the dogwoods and tree.

5. Was amazed when fieldstone was delivered. CRASH BANG SMASH rocks in the yard. Surprisingly heavy.

6. Helped Amy figure out where to put grass strips that we took out of the area where we want to put in a vegetable garden. Spent a fair amount of time watering dirt and watering transplanted grass.

7. Built a small stone wall around new area of vegetable garden. In doing so, moved approx. 2.5 tons of stone in 30-pound increments. That’s the equivalent of picking up my little dog a few hundred times, and setting her down, trying to place her so that she doesn’t wobble. (okay, now I know I’m tired, because that image is making me giggle hysterically.)

8. Ordered a large pizza and watched the Bruins lose in game 7 to Montreal. Le sigh….

But here is the result of the day’s work:

Future Vegetable Garden

Should be a nice-looking vegetable garden once we get a whole mess of manure delivered and put in there. The stones in the middle will come up when we get the compost and then will go back where they are, to be the walkway through this small garden. We need them there, though, since the electric fence which keeps the dogs from charging to the street runs right there. Ask me how I know this……..

Off to bed with me. Stones make my bones tired.

4 thoughts to “What I did on Marathon Monday”

  1. My. but that’s a beautiful-looking garden plot! I hope you keep updating the blog with pix throughout the spring and summer.

  2. oooooh……pretty! that was a LOT of work, girlfriend. i can’t wait to see the blooms. and i hope you didn’t pay for stones by the pound! 🙂

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