Weekend Work

This weekend we did a ton more stuff on the house and in the yard.

  • Holly and Libby finished scraping and priming two of the three other side of the house that still needed scraping.
  • I painted most of the south side of the house and about half of the front of the house.
  • I picked veggies at the farm, including 10 pounds of tomatoes!
  • And Clark trimmed and removed about 7 or 8 smallish diameter trees, a couple larger trees that were overhanging the neighbor’s pool, and the big arborvitae that was trying to take over the northeast corner of our house.

Yeah, as you can probably tell, Amy’s sister and her husband came down Saturday and Clark went to town with his chainsaw. He actually came back today and finished up all the stuff he couldn’t get to yesterday. While I know we needed to do a lot of this trimming and tree removal, it still pained me. What pains me more is that we’ve got two HUGE other trees that need to come down behind the garage because they’re dying and dropping branches. Yowza. It’s gonna be nekkid back there!

Photos eventually – I’m too pooped to pull out the camera cable…

2 thoughts to “Weekend Work”

  1. There are still a few spots of white paint on my legs. Maybe they’ll come off the next time I shave. In about a month or two…

    The house is going to look GREAT!

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